Design: Creative and Clever T-Shirt Packaging

My brain is confused when I look at these t-shirts because it’s not often that a product’s packaging is so much more creative and fun than the product itself, but in my opinion, that is what is going on here.

As we all know, a product’s packaging can make or break a brand. With so much competition and brand marketing in our faces everyday, we have a lot of choices. Companies know that if their packaging doesn’t capture our attention, they’ve already lost the sale.

These days, smart companies will go to great lengths to make sure they have premium packaging. Whether they have design contests or hire the most creative people they can find, companies continue to raise the bar when it comes to eye-catching packaging. You can see some of what I’m talking about in these Evian water bottle designs, these other bottle designs and even in this Coca-Cola packaging. The designers at Prompt Design didn’t have to go far to get their inspiration for this fun packaging since it came from their local grocery store. Their simple idea has already paid off big time in the form of Internet and word-of-mouth advertising.

You will see the shirts below packaged as they would be in the grocery store. For example, the t-shirt with beef on it is packaged on Styrofoam and covered in plastic wrap, just like it would be in the store. Each package also has a bar code, again, like you see when you buy your food. This gives the shopper a little added fun when purchasing one of these cute shirts.

[via the dieline]