Design: Google’s Creative Director Makes A Parallel World

Some people who work at Google are very focused on coming up with new ways to harness creativity, innovation and space, as we all know. For example, there is a white space above us which is unused by television after the transition to digital. Google is working to find a way to use that space.

I wonder if that is where the artist Ji Lee got his inspiration for his Parallel World project. After all, he is also the creative director at the Google Creative Lab. The ideas are definitely parallel, and very symbolic in nature.

His Parallel World is a series of miniature scenes secured onto a small portion of the ceiling in any given room. It’s like a little world within in a world. It reminds me of an adult version of a child’s snow globe. He’s even positioned one of these scenes on a ceiling in the Google office, but he doesn’t say which room. I suppose that is part of the challenge, to find it. One of the things I’m most impressed with is that Ji Lee is able to find the time to explore his personal creative side even though he works full time at Google. He even invites people to contact him through his website, called Please Enjoy, if you would like to get a Parallel World for your own ceiling. I just love everything about this!

Ji Lee Designs Parallel World

Ji Lee Creates Parallel World

Ji Lee Creates Parallel World

Ji Lee Creates Parallel World

Via: [FastCoDesign] [Today and Tomorrow]