Design: The Drippy Hypnotic Effects of Tall Painting

There are so many styles of painting that are popular now. We’ve written dozens of articles about different techniques; however, this is one I haven’t seen before. When I watch this, it kinda puts me in a trance.  When you think about it, it seems like such an obvious thing to try with paint.

This style of painting is called Tall Painting. It’s where you pour paint over an object, and then do the same thing again and again with different colors of paint. The result is a really cool cascading ripple of colors that create a beautiful effect. In a way, watching how this is made in the video is even better than looking at the finished product. The process is more stunning than the result.

The artist responsible for this flowing colorful ribbon is Holden Rower, who is the grandson of Alexander Calder. There is nothing complicated here, just simple paint in paper coffee cups poured over a tall object. The artists in this video make it look really fun. The best part is probably that you don’t know how it will turn out until the paint is finished flowing. My guess would be that the taller the object, the more fantastic the design. Hmm… I’m certainly no artist, but I might even be able to do this one! Brilliant!

The Art of Tall Painting

The Art of Tall Painting

Via: [The Audacity Of Color]