Designs for a Cause

One of the most challenging work one can do is that of designs for a cause.  Found two very special work of designer Magdalena Czarnecki. The first one is called “This is Origami” empty  paper bags, containing simple step by step instructions on how to fold the bag into an origami animal, in order to become a sustainable designer toy in paper. The cost of the bag is directed to the WWF to help save the endangered animal and it’s dying population.

The next one is called “Shapes + Freedom of Choice” T Packaging / Posters / T shirts for the blind – Packaging for the blind, giving the visually impaired the freedom to choose themselves. Different sizes on tags and raised stickers are helping them to choose size, motive, and imagination. Shapes + is an invitation to discover a blind person’s reality that is both multi-sensory and surprising. The + being up to you – whatever you imagine.