Different Pen and Ink Techniques – Photo Inspiration

When I was in college, I remember I had a professor who made us practice the different pen and ink techniques. It was pretty tedious since he would always make us draw on a 2 ft x 4ft illustration board. We had to finish about two drawings each week. Looking back now, I am glad he made us do that since it enabled us to really sharpen our skills in terms of using cross hatch, stipple and the vertical and horizontal line rendering.

Different artists have different skill sets. Some are really talented using pencils, others are great with watercolors, others with pastels and a few with oils. Every medium is challenging, but I believe one of the most challenging of all is pen and ink. This technique uses lines in varying degrees of length and strokes to create an image. Every stroke is unique and must be precise since one movement will create a different look. Just check out the collection of pen and ink photos below that showcase the different techniques using pen and ink. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you.

Main Image Source

Image Source –  Eagle

Image Source – Very Old Tree

Image Source – Daisy Mae

Image Source –  Ape

Image Source – Pen and Ink

Image Source –  Shells Pen & Ink

Image Source – Station In The Air