Disappearing Car Door: Best Car Door Mod Ever

This is the best and most inspiring design I’ve seen in a long time. Why didn’t I think of this? If you think about how a regular car is designed on a practical level, isn’t the door inefficient? It’s heavy, it causes door dings, and it gets in the way when we are trying to load things in the backseat. Wouldn’t it be nice if there wasn’t a regular car door that we had to open and close each time we got in the car? As silly as that might sound, just think about it for a moment.

That is exactly what engineer John Townsend from the company Jatech set out to do. The result is his Disappearing Car Door design. My jaw dropped when I watched this video. Suddenly it all makes sense, and I wish so much that my own car had this type of door.

It’s funny because we think the cars we drive today are so advanced. However, we all know that in the future we will look at the cars we drive today and giggle. Just like it’s hard to believe we used to get around in some of the old-fashioned cars we see displayed today in antique car shows, the cars we drive today will someday be considered relics from the past. I can imagine this type of door would be a dream come true for busy moms who need to load kids in the backseat and lean in to secure the seat belts. I have no doubt the antiquated car doors we have now will be just a memory soon enough!


Via: [Laughing Squid]