DIY Bubble Machine: The Perfect Project For Geeks & Their Kids

One thing that separates geeks from ordinary humans is that they like to do things “just because they can.” Whether it’s modding a computer into something extraordinary, creating an algorithm to find Waldo, or making a funny fashion statement that nobody else would sport, geeks make and do a lot of things that non-geeks don’t really understand.

This falls into that category. Since you can go to almost any toy store and buy a bubble machine for very little money, why would anyone take the time to make a bubble machine? The answer to that is simple. It’s because it’s a super sweet little contraption, it’s a great introduction to electronics, and most of all, because you can!

Instructables member Jayefuu put this together, and after looking at the instructions, it seems surprisingly simple. With just a container to hold the bubble solution, a ring of holes, a slow moving motor, a 12V centrifugal server fan, a power source, some bolts and some superglue, he created a nifty little bubble machine that is sure to make everyone smile. Spring is the time of year when it’s always fun to do projects like this outside on the weekends. If you’d like to learn how to make one of these for yourself, just click over to Bubble Machine. Even if you don’t want to make this particular project, hopefully Jayefuu’s creativity will inspire you to create something special of your own this weekend!




Via: [Dude Craft]