DIY Holiday Snow Globes: Create Your Own Winter Wonderland

Everyone I know loves snow globes. They are so magical, and there is just something about shaking them up and watching the snow fall that never gets old. Did you know you can easily make them at home? It’s the perfect weekend project because with only a little effort and a quick trip to the craft store, you can create a very special snowy memory. These would also be great for the kids to make to give to their teachers over the holidays or for you to give out as guest gifts at your holiday cocktail parties.

I found a super easy tutorial over on the Martha Stewart website. You can use just about any jar you can find. Baby food jars work for tiny snow globes, or pickle jars would work for larger ones. You can paint the lid of the jar any holiday color you like. You can use glitter or faux snow for the falling snow inside the jar. The key is to add a little glycerin (found at the drugstore) so that the glitter will fall slowly.

Below are a few examples of handmade snow globes that I found online at Anthropologie and Indie Fixx. As you see, the options for what you put inside your snow globe are endless! Some people use jewelry, others use little ornaments, and others even choose to create a whole scene with little people. Just make sure you don’t put anything in your jar that will rust over time (since it will remain submerged in water). You can read the complete tutorial for how to do this over at Martha Stewart.

DIY Winter Wonderland Craft Project

DIY Winter Wonderland  Holiday Craft

DIY Winter Wonderland Holiday Craft

DIY Winter Wonderland Holiday Craft

DIY Winter Wonderland Holiday Craft