Do Your Part and Recycle: Fashion Inspiration

The world’s population is getting larger everyday. Everyone knows what that means right? It means our resources are also depleting. I remember in the days when I was young, we could still drink water straight from the faucets and now we need to either filter our water or buy bottled water. It is quite sad really if you think about it. Even the weather is affected, everything seems to be in the extremes. I dread the summer months when the heat becomes so unbearable. In some countries heat waves are even common now. I just cringe when watching the news and seeing so many people’s homes destroyed by extreme flooding and severe typhoons.

I am still optimistic though and believe that we can make a difference, and the answer is through recycling. I am so thrilled to see that there are a lot of designers now who have embraced this concept and have created works of art from recycled items. Some of this artwork is also wearable and quite stylish. I particularly like the bags that were made from inner tubes. Who would have thought that could be possible? I guess everyone just needs to be conscious and a little bit more imaginative and creative.

Recycled Dress

Hybrid Scarlet and English Thread Made from Inner Tubes

Fish Net Skirt¬† – A Skirt made from old CD’s and net

Recycled Fashion Paper Dress

Recycled Costume Patch work

Aaron Chang: recycled fashion swimsuits

Hetty Rose – Handmade Shoes