Double Your Summer Fun With A Convertible Pool Patio

A few weeks ago, I wrote about functional mermaid tails that seem to be the perfect attire for this summer’s constant heatwave, but what good is a mermaid tail if you don’t have a place to wear it? Many people flock to beaches to cool off in the ocean on hot summer days, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do that. Some people do not live anywhere near a beach, so they have to resort to swimming in a pool in their backyards.

This isn’t always an easy task either. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a spacious backyard, and let’s face it, even the smallest of pools tends to take up an abundance of space.

Owning a backyard pool means sacrificing space, and perhaps jeopardizing your backyard’s aesthetic beauty. Hidden Water Pools seems to have found a solution to this problem. They offer a variety of “hidden” pools designed to save you space and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. According to their website, many of their pools can double as a patio that can be uncovered and converted into a pool in only two minutes. This feature is also environmentally friendly since it helps prevent water evaporation, and as a result, helps to conserve water resources. Hidden Water Pools also brags about having unique design choices and size flexibility. One of their key features is the ability to increase the depth and size of the pool as often as you like.

I personally love the idea of this pool. I remember having many backyard parties throughout the summer growing up, and my family and I always had to decide whether we wanted a pool or a back patio. The patio option is nice for socializing, but the pool is where the fun really begins. I also like the way it’s hidden. It would definitely help to eliminate the risk of injury, and it would also make the pool seem like a secret that only close friends and family would know about. This could definitely help fend off people who may want to come over just for an excuse to stay cool on a hot day!



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