Expert’s Advice On Making Your Logo Stand Out

A company’s logo represents its identity and part of its message. That’s why designing a logo is not as simple as most people think. There’s a lot to think about when creating a logo for a brand, and for this reason, logo designers are in high demand.

They put a lot of effort into choosing the right colors and right shapes to come up with a simple design that can represent a brand’s entire identity. It’s like creating the first impression that people will make about a certain company. So here, we give you some expert advice on how to create a unique logo that stands out and shows creativity.

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Reflect The Brand In The Logo

A logo is more of a way that identifies a certain brand to its customers. It is also supposed to reach a specific category of customers and display the aesthetic of the brand. It should reflect more of the company’s mood or energy rather than the actual message behind its services. Think more of the color display and what combinations remind you more of this specific brand. You can even create a mood board for this brand to inspire you on where to start.

Write down the things that you know about the brand and everything that reminds you of it to come up with a special aesthetic for it. More importantly, the logo should speak to customers using this brand and should have a story behind it to be authentic.

By getting to know the brand more and identifying its audience, you will be able to create a theme and design the logo according to that theme. For example, if it’s a logo for a gym or anything related to living healthy, then the theme for it should have the color green in it to represent nature and similar aspects of a healthy life.

Avoid Creating A Complicated Logo

Logos that contain a lot of details usually end up being changed or replaced. This is because when a logo is intricate, it is only understandable and clear when displayed in a large size. When these logos are printed on t-shirts or diminished to fit in small ads or banners, they tend to lose their details and look rather blurry. There’s no wonder big names choose to have simple logos with block letters that look clear and readable even from a distance.

You want your logo to stand out and be distinguishable in any size, so it is always better to avoid complicated logo designs. You also want to avoid having too many colors in your logo for the same reason – you don’t want it to look blurry when displayed in smaller sizes.

Always Choose Simplicity

The logo you choose needs to contain an unusual design, but it should never lose its simplicity. This means that creativity is very important, but also, the more simple it looks, the easier people will be drawn to the creativity of the logo design and remember it. Most logo designers for big brands will play around with the letter to the brand’s name and include quirkiness in the design by making those letters deliver a message. That’s the kind of creativity you should be aiming to use in your techniques.

Find a unique message that you can include in the logo, maybe something about the brand’s performance or product quality, then try to include it in the design without making it too complex for people to understand. A good example of this is how most companies use the dots on the ‘I’ letter in their brand names to form a heart or other shapes that can speak about their goals and services.

Some brands would also use the negative spaces between the letters to create a meaningful image or shape that represents their reputation. You can never run out of creative ideas when it comes to using a brand’s name to create its logo. The names are just the easiest option to show simplicity, so make use of that.

Find The Right Colors

When it comes to choosing the colors for logo designing, it is trickier than what most people think. Bright colors are perfect for grabbing attention and standing out, but too many bright colors can make a logo look too loud or too tacky. Using muted tones is good for showing elegance, style, or urbanity, however, these tones also get less attention and are easily overlooked. The point here is that you have to balance your color choices and think of the colors that match the brand the most.

Think about the energy that the brand reflects for its customers. Is it professional, medical, maybe more historical? For instance, the color red is used to express courage and attractiveness, in some cases, it is a sexy color. While other colors like white express purity and simplicity. If the brand offers services related to growth or health, then green is a very good idea. Make sure you don’t include a lot of colors though, you want to choose the tones that match altogether and balance between bright and dim colors.

The Name Of The Brand

Creating a logo consists of two parts, creating a symbol and including a wordmark. The wordmark, in some rare cases, can be something different than the name of the brand. It can represent their slogan or display part of the brand’s name to make the logo look simpler. The wordmark can even just be the initials of a brand’s name. In most cases, symbols are not used alone in the logos unless it’s a big brand that has managed to establish its name in the market.

If your brand has a unique name, you can use it to create your logo without having to include a symbol to watermark it. But if your brand’s name is generic, you will need to design a special symbol to have a logo that stands out and identifies the brand.

When designing a logo, try to use as many online resources as possible to find inspiration and be able to analyze and study the competition. The goal is not to feel competitive but to get inspired by other designs and know what the latest styles that attract customers are. It is also important to create a logo that can be redesigned in the future and fits for flexible changes. You want to have a future use for it in mind and be able to update it whenever you feel inspired.

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