Food Art: Uncle Sam & Mt. Rushmore Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Food art and food designs are getting more and more popular thanks to social media and our obsession with playing with our food. They are also getting more intricate and unique. The food art creations we’ve featured on Bit Rebels in the past require just as much skill as any other type of art. Don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t require any artistic ability to make this stuff. All you have to do is check out Obama Made From Cheetos, the Oreo Cookie Cameos and this Embroidered Wonder Bread and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Today’s example of extraordinary food art is no exception. At first glance, it may not seem like all that, but if you click on the images below to enlarge them, your mind will be officially blown. You will see Uncle Sam made with ingredients you might find at a summer BBQ (barbecue sauce, baked beans and relish). You will also find the Mount Rushmore National Memorial (in South Dakota) created with peanut butter and jelly. Last but not least, the artist, Flickr user R_Carlisle made a self-portrait from pesto.

The thing that gets me over and over with this kind of stuff is that it only looks like what it’s supposed to look like when you get some distance from it. Up close, it just looks like globs of food. So how does an artist know where to draw the lines to get it all right? I guess herein lies the reason why I’m not a food artist. He doesn’t really give any clues as to what it’s like to make this type of food art, but he does say that now when he smells barbecue sauce, baked beans or relish (the ingredients in the Uncle Sam portrait), he wants to throw up. I wonder if I create food art from chocolate if smelling chocolate would make me want to throw up. It could be a great diet enhancement. #justsayin

Impressive Food Art

Made with BBQ sauce, baked beans, relish, PB & J and pesto
Click images to enlarge and get the full effect




Via: [Ian Brooks]