Food Inspiration: The Most Adorable Bread You’ve Ever Seen

I never thought I would describe bread as being cute. It normally comes in a basket at a restaurant with a little tub of butter. It’s delicious for sure, but cute? No way. This bread, on the other hand, is not only cute, it’s adorable in a “I want to hug and squish it” kind of way.

This is bird bread, and the original source is a Japanese website with no description. I wonder if this is served in a restaurant or if someone made this in their home. This little bird would be great for my diet too. I try not to eat bread, and there is no way I’d be able to eat this little guy. My son though would probably chomp his head off without even thinking about it.

I wonder what his eyes are made out of and what his nose is. If anyone has any more details about this bird, please let us know. If I had this, I would spray it with something from the art store so it would harden and become a decoration. What a precious little cutie pie! You know where my mind is going with this, right? We could add some bright blue food coloring and transform him into a Twitter bird. Tweet Tweet & Nom Nom! #justsayin

Creative Japanese Bread Design

Via: [What the Cool]