Food Photography – Stunning Photographs & Tips

I love food and photography, so I’ve always been drawn to food photography. I’m only an amateur photographer, but in my opinion, taking pictures of food, where it actually looks good, is one of the most complex techniques.

It is so important to use the right props, to get up close, to make sure the natural lighting is just right and to make sure every detail in the background is taken into consideration. We’ve all seen people that have sent tweets saying, “Look at the yummy dinner I made.” with a twitpic. It usually looks horribly unappetizing, right? Haha. Like I said, it’s very tricky.

If you are interested in food photography, this is a very good article that explains some of the techniques – 10 Food Photography Tips To Make It Look Tasty. Famous photographer, Peter Lippmann, took these snapshots of food for French chef Pierre Gagnaire. These are examples of minimalistic food photographs, which are my favorite. Enjoy!

[via creativebite]