Foofbag or Foofpod?!

Yes you read it right! Foofbag and Foofpod.   Welcome to foof. Where they make the stylish ‘foofbag’ Apple laptop sleeve for the MacBook range and the soft ‘foofpod’ iPod cover for use with Apple iPod, Touch & iPhone. They also sell cable turtles to complement their  foof products.   How do you pronounce foof? Phonetic: fÅ«f (fu:f)   Like this: foooof. A foofbag is a beautiful enclosing fabric MacBook Pro sleeve cover that’s snug fitting and soft padded in sherpa fleece, protecting your MacBook from scratches and things that go bump.

a foofbag is slot loading, with an opening at one end; designed for quick and easy removal without those annoying zippers, flaps, clips, latches or straps.

foofpod_featureProtect your iPhone or iPod from sharp objects, dust and scratches whilst in your backpack, bag or pocket. Simplicity is beauty. No silcone, neoprene, straps, velcro, buttons or clips.