For Bacon Lovers: Beautifully Tasty Designs On Raw Meat

Yeah baby! I don’t know if this gets filed in the category of a decoration, technology, design or just wtf, but I don’t care. Like many of our readers here, I am a bacon fanatic. On a lazy Saturday morning, I can easily put away a pound of bacon myself. Ok, I take that back, truth time… two pounds. It’s some seriously good salty chewy yumminess.

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We’ve all seen meat etched with words, right? Here is an example of etched beef jerky. However, have you ever seen raw meat with a design on it? The carnivore in me is salivating right now. Simply put, the folks at Repper Patterns do just what their name implies, they put patterns on stuff. In the pictures below, they put a pattern on raw bacon/ham. I wonder if I have time to get some of this to take home with me for Thanksgiving. I could sit around chomping on these pretty designs all day long!

[via Geekologie]