For Beer Lovers – Beer Inspired Cakes!

The last time I drank beer was when I was in Hong Kong in May. I rarely drink beer since I usually prefer hard drinks. However, when I tasted Blue Girl, I said, “This is something I could drink, its light and  its crisp.” I know a lot of people who love to drink beer, I must admit it is a good way to unwind after a hard days work. If you know someone who loves beer, I think one of the best ways to make that person smile on his or her birthday is with a beer inspired cake.

It has always been my dream to design cakes. I can’t bake cakes very well, but I sure love to decorate them. I always find myself intrigued by TV shows that feature cake decorating techniques. I love the way we can make a simple cake into a work of art. I have seen master cake decorators create cakes with motor bikes, buildings, books and beer cans, just like the ones that I have chosen to feature here. I hope the beer lovers out there like them!

Beer Mug Cup Cakes

Dad’s Birthday Cake

pabst can cake


Schlitz Beer Mug

Main Image Source – Get me a beer woman