The Cutest & Most Creative Ewok Cake You’ve Ever Seen

I’ve written about a lot of Star Wars cakes over the years. It started about a year ago with this Yoda Cake which has Rice Krispie treats for ears and is held together with chopsticks inside. Then there was the Death Star Cake which is basically two bowl shaped cakes put together to make the round Death Star. Then a few weeks ago, there was the R2-D2 Cake which came complete with a sound module. Now that thing was a geeky wonder for sure!

The cake I’d like to share with you today isn’t the most extravagant Star Wars cake, it doesn’t come with any sounds built in, and it doesn’t have any fancy maneuvers to hold it together. But dannnngit, it definitely gets the award for being the cutest.

I just want to reach out and hug this little Ewok (or eat him). Since cake pan manufacturers don’t typically make creative enough Star Wars cake pans suitable for geeks, these types of cakes are always designed in some super unique way. This cake is no exception. It was put together by Promeegirl at Cake Central, and the way she did it was quite brilliant. She used an old 3-D Wilton Care Bear cake pan from 1983. What a great idea! This kind of creativity reminds me of the Star Wars cookies made from Christmas cookie cutters. It’s all about using what you already have around the house to make something new and extraordinary!




Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] [Between The Pages]


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    Angela 4 years

    Hi! I’m Promeegirl!! Thank you for sharing my cake! I am honored by your kind words and you would find interest in my work. I see the article is old but it made my day! Warm wishes from Colorado!!