For Designer Geeks: Photoshop Salt & Pepper Shakers

I’m not a designer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a blast with Photoshop. @Minervity is a Photoshop wizard, and he’s taught me a lot. Just last week I learned how to change eye color in a picture using Photoshop, and after changing my own eye color, I thought I was big time! It was fun to see what it was like to have blue eyes.

As soon as I saw these little Photoshop salt and pepper shakers, I fell in love with them. I know they would look out of place on some people’s dinner table, but they would fit in just fine on mine. Maybe I can talk @mistygirlph into adding these to her geeky kitchen gadgets article.

I know a lot of designers are able to carve a salary out of Photoshop for themselves. According to walyou, the word “salary” comes from the Greek word which means “salt.” How ironic is that? These little cuties are designed by Frack Design, and unfortunately, they aren’t real, they are just a creative design. Bummer. I hope someone really manufactures them someday. I really want to buy them!