For Your Inspiration: Bold and Dramatic Eye Candy

About a week ago, I stumbled across a portfolio of photographs taken by Gabriel Wickbold. I was so inspired and so drawn to these photographs that I stopped what I was doing to write an article about it. The photos, to me, were like the visual holy grail of color and stimulation. The article I wrote, Bewitching “Sexual Color” Photography, apparently had the same effect on our readers because I’m still receiving messages about it even today.

Gabriel is a very unique and creative photographer. He shows such control and has such an eye for beauty that at times it is hard to believe he is only 25 years old. I can tell from looking at his work that he is quite a perfectionist, not missing any details or opportunities to entertain you. I have revisited Gabriel’s website for inspiration several times since that first day about a week ago when I found it. I decided to share some more of his bold photography with you today. You can visit his website yourself at for a closer look at his work. Enjoy!