For Your Inspiration: Colors, Colors & More Colors

I’m always creatively inspired by bright colorful images. So much so that I started to wonder if our brain is actually stimulated creatively more by bright colorful images than by bland or faded images.

I’ve done the research and sure enough, it is true, especially when seeing the color blue. According to, “Blue linked to higher scores on tests of creativity… Color enhances performance.”

Also, according to this article, “People engaged in creative tasks surround themselves with blue, and with red when trying to focus.” The reason people like the color red when trying to focus is because red has a different effect on our brain than blue. Red stimulates thoughts of food, sex, stop signs, danger, ambulances – all of which tend to assist the person to be more detail oriented with an improved memory which, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of focus.

According to, The University of British Columbia, Entrepreneur Magazine and the New York Times have all done studies to confirm that beautiful bright colors stimulate creativity, especially blues.

Now that I know it is a scientific fact, I’m going to paint my world with more color!

Here are some colorful images to stimulate your own inspiration and creativity –

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