French Door Refrigerator Design Can Serve Hot Tea Anytime

Sometimes an invention comes along that is such a brilliant idea that it makes our old style way of doing things look silly. It’s nothing new to access cold water from a refrigerator door, but why not hot water? Does it make any sense that if we want hot water we have to put it in a teapot or kettle and heat it? Yesterday that made sense to me, but today it doesn’t. When this Cafe French Door Refrigerator by GE is released soon, heating water the old-fashioned way will be gone forever.

Since this French door refrigerator will dispense 10-ounces of hot water at a time, it’s perfect for making a cup of tea. You just put a teacup at the bottom (the same place where you would hold a cup to fill it with cold water), and push the button and turn the nob. Sounds pretty easy, right? It has four different temperature settings for your hot water too, so you can choose how hot you want it to be.

If you aren’t a hot tea fan, you’ll be able to use this hot water dispenser for a lot of other things. Think about how easy it would be to make instant coffee, instant soup, instant oatmeal or anything else where you just have to add hot water. Of course, it has a built in water filter too.

This French door refrigerator comes with all kinds of custom and preprogrammed settings, so I’m sure is something in there to turn off the hot water completely so it won’t burn a curious little kid. When GE releases this fridge, it will cost around $3,100. GULP! Well, now that I think about it, maybe putting a kettle on the stove to boil water the old-fashioned way isn’t such a bad idea after all. However, if you want a standalone water filter I’d suggest checking out UKh2o.

French Door Refrigerator Can Serve Hot Tea Anytime




Via: [Gizmodiva]