Fried Eggs Font: Handmade Font Inspired By Your Breakfast This Morning

I remember back in the old days when fonts were boring and simple. They pretty much all looked the same, and there wasn’t much inspiration or variety infused into them. Those days are long gone, and now you can find a font to represent just about anything. This particular font caught my attention not so much because of how it looks (although it’s deliciously and creatively put together), but more because of how it was made. As you’ll see, a lot goes into creating a food font.

This is a handmade fried eggs font inspired by the breakfast you ate this morning. It looks almost good enough to eat. According to Handmade Font, making the font version of fried eggs was no easy task. The description states:

“1,000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil and half of a flat smelling like perfect and brand new Eggs font. We are quite confident about the consistency and flavor, but the beautiful plating of the dish is your responsibility!”

It must be a fun job to create fonts, especially fonts made from fried eggs. I’m not sure what someone would use this font for – maybe for a restaurant breakfast menu or for a unique art piece. If you want to buy the Eggs font, it’s for sale over on that link above for $70. I wonder how many Eggs fonts they have to sell to turn a profit. I mean, 1,000 eggs ain’t cheap!

If you want to see another bizarre font, and one that might not be quite as useful, check out The Fascinating Font Created From Leg Hair. Warning – depending on your leg hair tolerance, that one might make you gag. If you don’t think this Eggs font or the Leg Hair font will work for your next project, don’t fret. This Quick Pick Font Guide will help you choose the perfect one. Have fun!

The Fried Eggs Font




Via: [Design You Trust]