Geek Design: Starship Enterprise Inspired Coffee Table

As you probably know, we feature a lot about Star Wars and Star Trek on Bit Rebels. Even though we’ve mentioned before that it seems like there are more creative Star Wars designs than Star Trek designs, that is not necessarily true when talking about furniture, or at least that’s what I’ve noticed. Artists and builders seem to really enjoy creating Star Trek inspired decor.

For example, did you know you can make your own air-powered Star Trek door (the kind that goes woooooosh) for your home? How do you like this Klingon LED coffee table? What the heck, you could even go all the way and completely pimp your pad so it’s a whole Star Trek inspired apartment.

This is the Starship Enterprise coffee table. It’s a handcrafted replica of the old NCC-1701-C. It took Barry Shields over a month to make this badboy, and it’s truly stunning. If you’d like to add a little Star Trek to your life without having to change the entire decor of your room, this subtle design might fit into your home nicely. You can learn more about it on Etsy where it’s listed for (gulp) $3,100. Considering it would give you geek cred for a lifetime though, I suppose it’s worth it. Being a geek ain’t cheap!

Etsy Handcrafted Star Trek Furniture

Etsy Handcrafted Wooden Table

Etsy Handcrafted Wooden Table

Etsy Handcrafted Wooden Table

Via: [Technabob]