Geeky Salt and Pepper Shakers

Do you like adding seasoning to your food?  Here is one way to add a new meaning to the phrase “Please pass the salt”.  Who says that the salt and pepper shaker need to be boring.  Found some really fun geeky and cool salt and pepper shakers.  Hope you like them.

First up is the Keyboard Salt and Pepper Shaker from X-treme Geek. The distinctive shape of a single PC keyboard key is easy to identify, even if it is a bit over-sized. These unique salt and pepper shakers are sure to cheer up anyone who’s maybe a mite “key-pressed.” Flexible silicone seals make it easy to refill them.  Here are some more just click on the titles and find out about the item.

Battery Salt and Pepper shakers spshaker2

Pepper Shakers Ninja Salt andPepper Shaker


Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker


Tetris – Tetromino Salt and Pepper Shakersalpepertetris