Give Your Photos a Punch!

Here is a great way to give your photos a Punch, literally! The PUNCH takes regular digital images but allows its users to physically punch a rasterized image of their photo. The punched image gives information which can connect its users to the digital gallery.

This was designed by Matty Martin,   a student living in San Francisco and studying industrial design at CCA.  He specializes in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator,
Alias, Hypershot, Final Cut, Drawing and Model Making.

The digital camera connects both physical and digital, while cutting down the excessive materials and efforts in taking and sharing images. After punching the image, the camera randomly generates sentences from the profile of the user interface to tag the metadata of each image. Now users instead of using ink paper cartridges can take regular digital images by punching them on blank paper.   “This is a camera which was inspired by the loss of tangible memories. It is meant to connect both physical and digital while minimizing excess materials and the hardships in sharing images.”