Happy 20th Birthday Photoshop! | Interview with John Knoll

Who would guess that Photoshop, a program that has truly shaped the way we see the world today, is turning 20 years old! I remember the first time I installed Photoshop. I was so excited that I played with it every day for weeks. Now, several years later, I still get lost in the magic of Photoshop and all the new techniques to learn. To me, learning Photoshop is a never ending journey of discovery and exploration.

I was excited when I saw @Kim send a tweet with the link for this amazing interview with John Knoll, the co-developer of Photoshop. The person conducting this interview is @Scobleizer, and he does an incredible job. John is a smart, humble genius and watching this interview is definitely worth your time. One of the most interesting parts of this interview to me is when he talks about what it was like to pitch the idea of Photoshop and what some reactions were. What great history, wisdom and lessons to be learned.

This video was just posted onto YouTube yesterday. According to the site, “John Knoll released Photoshop 20 years ago next month with his brother, Thomas. It changed the world of graphics and digital photography in a big way. Here’s the full interview, done in a hallway of Lucasfilms’ Industrial Light and Magic, where Knoll now works (he does special effects on films, including on Avatar).”

Get ready to be inspired!

Thank you to http://www.flickr.com/photos/synx508/3128207481/ for the birthday candle photo!