He Folded 10 Origami Flowers Each Day For 3 Years!

James Roper loves to fold origami flowers. He loves it so much that he folded ten each day for three years straight. Ok you math wizards, how many origami flowers did he end up with? That’s right! 10,000! He named this project “Devotion.” James has a reputation as an artist for being devoted to his work, and this is obviously another illustration of that. The installation below also shows another form of devotion. The circular target illustrates devotion in the form of a mandala and the sun is devotion in the form of a mandala swept away. I can’t help but wonder how fast he could fold these flowers after so much practice. I would love to watch him; he is pro for sure.

James is no stranger to devoting a lot of time and love to his artistry. The other picture below is a ball of masking tape. This is tape that he used over a two year period to clean the edges of his paintings. When the time was right, he cut the ball in half to create “Masked Ball.” You can learn more about James Roper by checking out his website here and his blog here.

[via craftzine]