Horrify Children With The Headless Teddy Bear USB Drive

As a child, I always loved teddy bears. I had an extensive collection of teddy bears in a wide range of colors and sizes. Some of my teddy bears were elaborate collector’s items like my Shakespearean Panda Build-A-Bear, whereas others were more simple teddy bears I won from those crane machines. I loved to collect teddy bears because I thought they were cute and cuddly, and I appreciated the companionship from these stuffed friends. Teddy bears are one type of toy that can really lighten up a room and create a calming atmosphere. It’s no surprise that many medical offices and hospitals give out teddy bears to sick children or decorate with them.

However, not all teddy bears are necessarily cute and cuddly. Some are actually quite horrifying. The teddy bear USB drive is one of those. This creepy little gadget features a small plush teddy bear with a USB drive built inside it. In order to use the USB drive, you simply pop the head off of the teddy bear to unveil the device.

When people walk by a computer that is using this USB device, they may be horrified by the sight of the headless bear sticking out of the computer itself. Children would probably have nightmares as they wonder what happened to their beloved cuddly friend. This could be the ultimate trick to play on someone. You could use it for Halloween, or perhaps you’d prefer to save it for an April Fool’s joke. Either way, it will be sure to generate many laughs for adults, and possible therapy for horrified children. The Teddy Bear USB drive is available for purchase on USBGeek.com with a price ranging from $22 – $38 depending on the number of gigabytes (2GB – 32GB).

The Headless Teddy Bear USB Drive





Image Credit: [USBGeek.com]