Heart Warming Award-Winning Nature Photography

If this photography doesn’t warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will. All of these photographs are on the winners list for the Nature’s Best Photography Magazine Wildlife contest. This competition had over 25,000 entries. The goal of the contest was to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature through the art of photography.

These photographs were taken across the United States, Finland, Kenya, Norway, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Spain and Indonesia. The stories behind these shots are as fascinating as the photographs themselves. For example, for the elephant photo, the photographer stood right in front of her waiting for her to make eye contact. When she did, he was ready. The photographer who captured the shot of the viper and the hummingbird (which is my favorite one) tells the story about how he was photographing hummingbirds when all of a sudden he heard the noise that birds make when there is a predator approaching. He turned around to see this scene. He reacted immediately, and the result is this stunning photograph.

My other favorite photograph is the orangutan and her baby son. The photographer was blessed to be able to see this tender moment between them while he was in Indonesia. The baby touched his mother’s lip, and she reached up lovingly to wrap her finger around his. If you would like to know all the touching stories behind these pictures, the cameras used, the photographers’ names and the exact locations where they were taken, simply click over to Mail Online for all the specific details.

Gorilla And Bird Become Friends

Hummingbird and Viper Photograph

Mom and Baby Monkey

Elephant In The Wild Photograph

Bird Splashing In Water

Bald Eagles On A Branch

Polar Bear On Ice Photograph

Frogs Jumping Between Leaves

Crab Crawling On Sand Photograph

Birds Flying Over A Mountain