How To Become A Motion Graphic Artist?

Technological advancement is only accelerating. Graphic designers are in demand thanks to the pervasiveness of digital technologies. Companies rely on high-quality graphics for successful advertisement, and income potential is vast.

The list of design branches is lengthy. There are web designers, UI designers, and many more. Motion graphics seem ubiquitous. It is used in ads, movies, television, websites, and mobile apps. This kind of design tells a story that a static image cannot deliver. So, how is one to master this trendy profession?

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1. Work On Graphic Skills

These are essential for any aspiring designer. An obvious way to develop the skill set is taking a course in a motion graphics school like, where top artists share the experience. They will show you how to animate static elements in different realms. You can learn logo design animation, cinema 4D, character design, and many others.

The task of any motion designer is to breathe life into 2D elements. How this happens constitutes a separate field of expertise. For an engaging work, there is so much more than a few keyframes. The job requires a solid understanding of how objects move.

2. Learn from the Classics

It is vital to be familiar with classic art as well. This knowledge will help you be creative in your field. Besides, when a new idea comes, it is easier and faster to sketch it on paper instead of computer programs. This skill is indispensable for brainstorming sessions.

3. Master the Software

Naturally, software skills are vital. There is an abundance of tutorials to help you master the chosen environment. Today, motion design is created via programs like After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. However, the software is useless if you do not understand the animation basics.

4. Color Theory

Different colors elicit different emotions, so it is key to be aware of the effects. For instance, colors used in an advertisement must stimulate interest in the company’s products and create a positive image.

You need to know how to convey the right feelings and ideas through colors. This also includes the use of the right color set, or palette, for each project. For instance, if the content is all about winter activities, you will hardly pick red or orange. These would make it feel like fall.

5. Interpersonal Communication

You may think conversations with other humans have little to do with design. The stereotypical artist is an introvert. However, this is a big misconception, especially if you want to get ahead in your career. You need to be able to express your vision and listen to others.

Communication is the starting point of any great design. You need to discuss the concept in detail with your client or creative director. Clients are not supposed to be well-versed in jargon. It is vital to simplify ideas effectively.

These five key elements are building blocks of a successful career. Talented motion designers often have impressive salaries! Hence, be inspired, persistent, and success will come.

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