How Does Hunch Help You Deliver Thousands Of Video Creatives

The whole advertising world is focused on video formats. Compared with images, video creative is the one that moves the needle and makes a greater impact on the target audience. Even TikTok, which was the platform ‘guilty’ for short-form video promotion, made an update, allowing its users to post videos up to 10 minutes in length.

If all marketers know the secret to a successful campaign, how come we don’t have videos all over the place bursting with helpful and engaging content? Because creating videos for hundred of different products manually is time-consuming, it requires design skills, a lot of people, and a large budget.

But what if we suggest a cost-effective solution that can help you automate your creative production process? Meet Hunch, and discover where leveraging the right martech platform can take you.

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Hunch Creative Studio – The Place Where Marketing And Design Work Together

Hunch is an automated creative production and media buying platform, which allows for automation of the whole advertising process: from producing the creatives to launching the campaign.

The Hunch Creative Studio offers tools familiar to designers and is easy to use for marketers as well.  Hunch’s Creative Studio is part of the platform where different teams can collaborate to produce the best creative possible.

You can import all data from product feeds such as product name, price, availability, etc, and use it as elements for making ad creatives. Every design item is kept inside the product catalog, so each member of the team has easy access to the work.

Instead of going back and forth with producing creatives, losing a lot of time and energy – you can have it all done easly, on the same platform.

How Can You Leverage The Hunch Creative Studio For Creating Videos?

No matter how skilled you are you can effortlessly create a video using Hunch Creative Studio. The easiest way to do so is by animating the static elements on your ad. You can show sales for some products by animating a price switch, or you can make the background interactive. The best thing is that you don’t even need a designer to help you produce this.

But, in case you have a design team, the opportunities are even bigger. They can leverage Hunch Creative Studio to create engaging videos, using different elements and animation options that the platform allows.

Creative Automation – Scale Your Video Creatives’ Production

So far we went through a platform that can help you and your team easily make video creatives. But that’s not the thing that makes the difference, right?

If you have thousands of products to advertise, and you are aware that only relevant creatives can get you somewhere, here’s the challenge standing in front of you: how to produce that many video creatives without spending all day and night doing so?

That’s where creative automation comes in. The Hunch platform gives you the opportunity to scale your creative production without scaling your design team. So, once you create a video template and set the dynamic fields, the rest is on Hunch.

The process of creative automation will produce thousands of video creatives using different products and their feeds, and it will save you a lot of time, money, and energy you would be spending on repetitive manual tasks.

Don’t Stop At Automation – Launch Your Campaign

As we previously mentioned, Hunch automates the whole advertising process. So the last box to be checked is launching the campaign, and yes, you can do it with Hunch.

Once all your video creative is done, you made a choice of the products you want to advertise, and you are ready to set the campaign, you won’t have to go anywhere – this task can be done within the platform.

If you’re still in pursuit for the move that will make a big difference for your campaign success, think about leveraging this technology. In the world of constant and rapid advertising changes, everyone needs its secret weapon, and you have just found yours.

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