How To: Build Your Own Igloo From Snow Blocks

It’s funny to me that I’m writing an article about building an igloo when here in the South, it doesn’t even snow every year. When it does, it usually only lasts for a few hours, and then it’s gone. Richard should probably be the one writing about this since he lives in Sweden where apparently it’s like a freaking blizzard most of the winter. I actually think that would be fun to live in a place like that, well, once I learned how to drive and walk in deep snow.

If you are as fascinated with snow as I am, you are going to love this. It was created by the team at Transa Backpackers. It was directed, produced and edited by Sooli Entertainment. It’s a tutorial on how to make a shelter out of snow blocks, otherwise known as an igloo.

Let me warn you that building an igloo is no joke. It doesn’t look easy, and it actually looks kind of painful to be outside in the cold that long. It doesn’t even matter that the tutorial itself isn’t in English, and as a matter of fact, I think that adds to the whole foreign feel of this activity to me. If you are a person who likes to have big adventures, outside, in the freezing cold, where you will probably lose all feeling in your body before you’re done, this is for you. Hey, you never know when you might get stuck outside in the snow somewhere. This information could come in handy someday if you should ever find yourself stranded in a snow storm, in a deserted area, with no iPhone, with the proper tools… Yeah, I know it’s unlikely, right? The music in this video is great.

How To Make Snow Igloo

How To Make Snow Igloo

How To Make Snow Igloo

Via: [Dude Craft] [Fubiz]