How To: Create A Ripped Effect on Your Picture

Taking photos is fun but recreating them and transforming them into pieces of art makes it even more enjoyable.  One kind of effect that I truly like is the ripped or torn effect.  It gives your photo a unique touch.

The ripped effect can give your photo either a grudge look or a nostalgic feel to it.  With some techniques it gives it that edgy feel.  No matter what type of mood you want to create, the best tool to use is Photoshop.  And it is quite simple to create the effect because it requires minimal steps. The technique maximizes the use of layers and masking.

The good news today is that there are so many tutorials that are available for everyone to check out and try for themselves.  I think the trick here is to find which technique will suit you and it will not matter so much even if you are just a beginner. I have included not just a video on the step by step process but also some links here that you might want to check out.  So take that favorite photo and try it now.

How to Create a Ripped Photo Effect

Ripped Edge Frame Effect

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