How To: Create Your Own Unique Digital Handwriting Font

I grew up handwriting letters, but now that we do everything on the computer, I find myself forgetting how to write in cursive. I type even the simplest notes and print them to avoid showcasing my embarrassing penmanship.

Is the art of handwriting gone forever? I’ve written about this before in an article called “The Lost Art of Handwriting.” Lucky for us, Pilot Handwriting has developed a way that we can keep the individuality and style of our handwriting alive.

They want to help us create our own digital font to send handwritten emails to our friends and family. What they’ve done is quite genius. You just go to the site, print the typography sheet and manually write your letters in each box. Then, take a picture with your webcam and send it to their site. The rest is magic! I love this idea, I’m going to try it out today.

[via whatthecool]