How To: Make Marshmallow Peep Sushi

Yay! It’s almost springtime again and that means it’s time for an article about marshmallow peeps. Any day now those will be all over the stores here in the States as we start another season of sugar highs and tooth decay. I can’t wait. According to Serious Eats, there is a contemporary peeps revolution going on right now. Nom nom.

I love those little peeps, and each year it’s fun to write an article about them. Last year, I found some very creative squishy cute marshmallow peep art. This year it’s about something equally as creative, and a little more sugary, if that’s possible. This is peepshi, otherwise known as sushi made out of peeps.

It’s a concept that blew up the Internet last year, and I have a feeling it will be even bigger this year. The recipe is really simple. All you need are some peeps (bunnies or chicks, any color), some Rice Krispies Treats (homemade or store bought) and some Fruit by the Foot. The directions to put it all together are right here. Since there are so many colors of peeps, chicks, and Fruit by the Foot available, you can really get creative with how you want your peep sushi to look.

You can find a collection of peepshi photographs from Twitter users around the world on Serious Eats. After reading this, if you decide making peepshi is not for you, perhaps you would prefer making chocolate-covered peepsicles instead. Those look really tasty too!

Spring Marshmallow Peep Sushi

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Via: [Nuclear Toast]