How To: Make Your Own iSandwich 4G

Someone online described this as “some nerdy funny shit” and I have to say that this time, I completely agree. If Steve Jobs was coming to your house for lunch, what would you serve? PB&J? Soup? How about make him an iSandwich 4G? Sure, it may take more effort than your ordinary sandwich, but this is so geeky, it’s totally worth it.

Jakob Hammarback and Jon Wingard created this video as an experiment to see if they could go viral. They released this on the same day as the iPad was released, 6 days ago, and so far, their video has a little over 16,000 views. I’m not sure if that is technically considered a success or not, according to them, it is.

The blog for the video states, “No food was wasted. Just like the nature-loving-people at Apple, we made sure not to let anything go to waste. Luckily, food, just like glass and aluminum, is very much recyclable.” Their motto is: Don´t play with the food – enjoy it! This video made me hungry; I think I’ll go make an iSandwich for myself right now.