Human Art | Creative Expression

Human art, here it is defined used as man or people making art using their bodies to express or create. Amazing how different groups can make use of this form of art to convey their messages. Some for fun, humor and chance to make others smile. There are also people who use it to convey a strong point, show feelings and emotions and if you check out the last video, it is to change the perception and a chance for their plea to be heard.

From Delhi to Bamako and Asunción, thousands of people in over twenty locations joined together to form words such as “Freedom”, “Dignity” and “Justice” representing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — which turns 60 on 10 December 2008.

Created on the eve of the anniversary of Beijing being granted the 2008 Olympics, this powerful “visual petition” was an appeal to the Chinese authorities to honour the commitment they made in 2001 to improve human rights.