I Heart You Cupcakes: Bake A Red Heart Surprise Inside

Just last week, I wrote an article about a creative baker who made colorful Lego blocks (made out of cake) inside vanilla cupcakes. I thought it was such a great idea, and when I read more about it, I learned that she got her inspiration from all the ‘hearts inside cupcakes‘ articles she had seen before. I’d never heard of a heart inside a cupcake, but after I researched it, I knew I had to share this with you because it’s just so unique and fun.

It’s either becoming a trend, or I’m just seeing them everywhere, but there are so many articles written recently about special designs put inside cakes and cupcakes. In this example, it’s a beautifully romantic red heart. I was trying to figure out how the heck these food artists were able to get the heart inside the cupcake, but now I know, and it’s a nifty little trick.

You bake a red cake, and after it cools, you cut little hearts out of it. Then you fill each cupcake liner only half way with your other batch of regular batter, you put a cooked red heart in the raw batter, and then you continue to put the rest of the batter in the cupcake liner. Then you bake them (so the red cake actually gets baked twice). Voila! You’ll end up with cupcakes that have a heart surprise in the middle. You can find recipes to make these on duhlicious (best one), Bake It In A Cake, and Alison’s Wonder Scraporium.


Or try the fruit version, and put a strawberry inside like Flickr user Tiffany Steinke.

Or put your heart inside a whole cake instead of just a cupcake like I Am Baker did!