Illustration: A Unique Star Wars & Disney Mashup

As Richard pointed out in one of his articles recently, there seems to be a growing culture of designers and artists who love to do mashups. It doesn’t really matter what kind of mashups, and the more unusual the better. Combining two very distinct and different movie or gaming concepts that would normally never get put together is mind twisting to say the least. Sometimes the result is a funny homage to the classics we love, and sometimes it’s downright disturbing.

We’ve written about a lot of different mashups on Bit Rebels. I think one of my favorites is still the mashup of Angry Birds and Star Wars. Seeing that illustration of Angry Leia still makes me giggle. Today I would like to share with you another interesting mashup. We’ve seen Star Wars and Disney together before, but never quite like this.

Nathan Boyd, the designer, did an excellent job creating these clean and simple yet stunning images. According to Silly Nate, “Disney has already done this with a line of action figures, but I wanted to give it sort of my own spin. Usually Mickey Mouse is always the one to be portrayed as Luke Skywalker, which does make more sense, but I’ve always loved Donald Duck and wanted to draw him as the hero from Tatooine.” Nice job Nathan! I love these, but then again, Donald Duck has always been one of my favorites too!

Minnie Mouse As Princess Leia

Donald Duck As Luke Skywalker

Mickey Mouse In Star Wars

Goofy As Star Wars R2D2

Disney Goes Star Wars

Yoda Disney Goes Star Wars

Daisy Disney In Star Wars

Disney Characters In Star Wars

Donald Duck Star Wars Disney

Darth Vader Disney Character

Via: [My Modern Met]