Innovative Bike Gloves With Built-In LED Turn Signals

Even though it’s March, and the first official day of spring is tomorrow, it’s still cold in a lot of places. Even here in Atlanta, early in the mornings before the sun comes up, it’s still too cold to walk outside without feeling chilled. As I’ve written many times before, I love to ride my bike, but not when it’s cold outside. When I saw these gloves that have some very useful features for people who like to ride their bikes on dark chilly mornings, I instantly wanted a pair.

Obviously since they are wool gloves, they’ll keep your fingers warm when you’re boogying around town on your bicycle. They are also smartphone gloves so you can text and tweet while riding, which is huge. Last but not least, the best part about these gloves is that they have LEDs in them, which work as a built-in turn signals for cyclists. The way they work is simple. When you close your fist, the LEDs light up in the form of an arrow. You simply extend your arm and close your fist to alert the people around you that you are about to turn.

These gloves each require a 3V coin cell battery, which are easy enough to find. We’ve seen some designs before that have turn signals for cyclists on the back of jackets and that type of thing, but if you are carrying a backpack, or if you don’t want to wear that jacket, it’s useless. This is a much more flexible and useful solution. They were created by Irene Posch, and you can learn more about them by visiting her website. She had one pair for sale on Etsy, but it sold. She hopes to have them available on a much larger scale by next winter. Very cool!




Via: [Unique Daily] [Fashioning Tech]