You Know You Want This…Innovative Spork For Eating Soupy Noodles

Every once in a while a little design comes along that makes you question something you’ve been doing for your whole life, or at least that happens to me. This unusual little spork design is one of those things. If you are a fan of Ramen noodles, or any soupy noodles for that matter, you are probably used to eating them with either a fork and spoon or chopsticks. I alternate between those two options, but regardless of which one you choose, you have to eat the noodles and the soup separately, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to eat them the way there are intended to be eaten, which is together? Why do we allow the utensils we use limit how we consume our food? All that is about to change with this nifty noodle spork.

When you really think about it, this spork changes everything. It’s like a standard spork, only way more optimized. Suddenly when it comes to eating noodles, we have tons for options for flavor and variety. I don’t know why I haven’t seen this spork until now, but I definitely need to add it to my utensil drawer. I can think of a lot of other uses for it too. It would be good to use for any type of soupy noodle combination. This would also be a nifty tool for eating grapefruit, watermelon and any combination of soupiness and chunkiness if you know what I mean.

You know you want this, so I’ll tell you where to get it now. You just have to click over to Uncommon Goods where it sells for $14. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too was wrong. Now you can have your soup and eat your noodles too…all at the same time. Delish!

Instead of eating noodles and soup separately like this…


Eat the noodles and soup together with this special spork like this…




Via: [Jay Mug]


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    yeah whatever 10 years

    Use chopsticks. Don’t fuck with tradition.