Inspiration: An Extraordinary Doodle Created In MS Paint

Some people definitely have certain talents and gifts that the rest of us simply don’t have. They are able to do things that we can’t even fully comprehend. Sometimes those people are born with such talents, and sometimes they spend a lifetime developing their skills. Either way, seeing their dedication and commitment to achieving their goals is always refreshing and inspiring.

Whether it’s someone who can solve a Rubik’s cube in seconds, an outstanding athlete in the Olympics, or in this case, an artist, those people are all around us, and we only have to notice them to appreciate what they can do.

About a month ago, I wrote an article called 10 Famous Musicians Created In Microsoft Paint. I thought those drawings were really neat, but a few people told me they had seen much better Microsoft Paint art than that. Well, to the people who said that, what do you think about this? I couldn’t believe it when I saw this drawing which was also created in MS Paint. YouTube user Palivizumab spent 8 hours creating this. 95% of it was created with the pencil tool. He’s no stranger to extraordinary art. On his YouTube channel, you’ll find at least 10 video tutorials about how to doodle. I really don’t know what to say other than wow!

MS Paint Incredible Drawing

Via: [Geekosystem] [reddit]