Installation Art by @ryanseslow

Had the privilege of speaking with an artist whom I recently met over Twitter.  I enjoy his work and one can say that he  is  very passionate about his art.  I asked him if he would share with us this passion and I am honored and grateful that he did.

I asked him to choose three of  his Favorite Art Pieces that he is most excited about and why?  As well as what was his inspiration?

Here is what he had for us: I am overstimulated, I admit it. I also admit that I love that part of me. Over stimulation which was once stated to be “hyperactive” seems to have transcended itself nicely. I cant blame the doctors of the 1970’s who’s misdiagnosis of my early symptoms of radical creativity were something else…I think I will send them these images, as well as some of the other images in this installation series.

I am interested in fragments. As a subject matter and also as an exploring muse for content. Fragmentation has a strong association to the context of things being Modular. Many parts must come together or function together to make up a whole. My installation is perhaps a linear sequence of my unconscious mind’s timeline of repeated mental images. I hold or have held onto these images for reasons both known and unknown. Some of these reasons are purely aesthetic to the core of their traditional principles.

ryan seslow 1Line, color, shape, texture, and value. While others appear to be objective at first glance, their placement suggests otherwise. The composition is an intuitive energy. The installation process has not any set plan. The works are laid out on the floor.

An urgency sets in, a creative impulse to compose while liberating the imagination and the unconscious. The process can and will be recorded as performance based art in the future. That is simply because nature takes over, its the natural progression of evolution of an idea. It transcends and changes form, infinitely. The unconscious mind is our main operating system, it handles most of the body’s biological functions, we don’t think about them much. We just expect them to work. I have cultivated a new faculty, and this process into a habitual ritual with my imagination.

The idea was to synthesize the intuition, the unconscious mind and the imagination to create a harmonious series of actions. The actions result in a large scale mental collage of the past, present and future of my human experience while using traditional forms of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, video & installation. Although a video monitor can not be seen in these particular images, a series of video art works are created for the installations as well.

ryan seslow3The narrative of the work is ongoing and subject to redefinition, unconsciously! My work also promotes and explores the idea that we experience the physical world of form through manifesting our inner dialogs outwardly. The conversations that one has with itself will solidify fragments of infinite possibility. As the navigator, one will discover its vastness, an energy directly connected to everything and everyone. Consider the concept and context of what you perceive as “self “, as a physical absorbent of expanding potential. Every human being, every momentary encounter, every relationship, every object, and every geographical location will serve as a portal of your expansion.

What is your relationship to the facility of your learning potentials? And where do you want to GO?! I use and teach a multidisciplinary artistic process to navigate my world. I welcome you to explore with me, welcome aboard, you have been cast into the ongoing script.

ryansesslowRyan Seslow is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York. Working in all mediums Seslow shows his work both nationally and internationally.

He is a professor of fine arts teaching studio art courses simultaneously between 4 colleges in the NY area. Recent projects and exhibitions include an ongoing series of Public Art Installations and wine label illustrations for The Brooklyn Wine Company, Park Slope, NY,

Curator of “Video Synthesis” for the CUNY QCC Art Gallery Permanent Collection in Bayside NY, The ReUse Project,Tel Aviv, Isreal, The Streaming Festival’s International Video Art Festival, Den Hague in the Netherlands, Art House Co-Op’s Country Wide Sketch Book Exhibition, Magmart 4, International Video Art Festival, Naples, Italy, Solo Exhibition at the York College Art Gallery, Jamaica, NY.    Extensive Online Portfolio: Art of Ryan Seslow: The Blog :
Follow him on Twitter : @ryanseslow