Introducing: The Dress You Can Eat!

Is there any limit to how far someone’s creativity can take them? I don’t think so. After featuring so much unique artwork on this site, I’ve decided that a true artist can create his artwork from anything, anywhere, anytime the inspiration strikes.

I’ve written about designing your own clothes, but what about eating your own clothes? Maybe I’ve gone so long without eating sugar that I’m starting to get dizzy because this looks really tasty to me. Artist Lukka Sigurdardottir has created what could possibly be the world’s first edible wedding dress. Not only is it made of cake, but it is made of checkered cake (can you say nom nom?).

This wild and crazy design, known as the Cake Dress, will allow everyone to congratulate the bride and get a piece of wedding cake, all at the same time. It all sounds very efficient to me. You’ll also save money since the dress and the cake are all in one! The only downside? The bride won’t be able to walk around. Haha! Obviously this is just a fantasy creation, but wow, I’m inspired by the creativity for sure.

I wanted to do a nice little write up on the artist, Lukka Sigurdardottir, but after spending quite a long time researching, I realize she is a mystery. Some say she might be from Iceland, but that is not confirmed. If anyone knows anything about this creative cake baker, please let us know!

Thank you to @petwebdesigner for sharing this artist with me!