Jimmy Cheese Shoes Made From A Stale Sandwich

I love cheese. It’s right up there with chocolate in my book. I’m a big fan of Asiago, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and pretty much all the other cheeses. However, I don’t think I like cheese enough to wear it on my feet. You know we’ve featured some really wtf shoes here on Bit Rebels, but I think these might be the strangest (and most interesting) ones yet.

I wonder if feet that smell like cheese are better smelling than feet that smell like feet. Try saying that sentence ten times fast. Lisa Dillon, a student at Bath Spa University, designed these Jimmy Cheese shoes for the 2011 Royal Bath & West Show, which promotes… You guessed it… cheese.

She took a big block of cheddar and sculpted it to make the heel. She used a stale cheese sandwich to make part of the platform, and last but not least, she melted some different cheeses to make the pretty design on the front of the shoes. Lisa isn’t the only one in her class experimenting with cheese designs. Some of the other students have made hats, belts and ties from cheese. Let’s just hope they have a refrigerator in that classroom. Eeeewww….

Shoes Made From Cheese

Shoes Made From Cheddar Cheese

Shoes Made From Cheddar Cheese

Shoes Made From Cheddar Cheese

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