Junk Drawer and Trash Portraits: Creative Inspiration

Do you have a “junk drawer” at your house? You know, it’s the place where you toss things that don’t really have a place to be stored like old keys, half used rolls of tape, pens, mismatched socks and extra buttons.

In a nutshell, Zac Freeman takes the contents of random junk drawers (combined with some trash) and creates these portraits. How does he do it? He uses a wooden form and a ton of glue to secure the pieces to the wood.

He began this work in 1999. The interesting thing to me is that you can only tell what these portraits look like when seeing them from a distance. This is some serious creative talent! You can check out more of Zac’s work on his official website.

[Via: If It’s Hip It’s Here] [Image Credit: Zac Freeman Art]