Killer DIY Comic Strip High Heels

I’m not sure which is more badass – the fact that these shoes are the ultimate in bug stomping delight or that someone actually spent eight hours on each shoe to make them so perfect and then posted the tutorial. We’ve featured a lot of handmade geeky shoes on Bit Rebels, but these are really special because you can mod them to fit your fancy.

This was originally posted on My Polite Indignation Knows No Bounds, and of course it went viral. And as for the explanation for why it took her eight hours for each shoe, the blogger there writes, “I’m a perfectionist and I have big feet.

As you can see, she started with a pair of plain blue heels (they look like patent leather), and she ended up with a comic strip masterpiece that would make even the most finicky geeks smile. She cut up comic strips into little jagged pieces and used a ton of Mod Podge. You can click over to her article here to get the exact directions. She offers some very valuable advice about which part of the shoe to tackle first, etc.

I think this is more about learning a procedure than making comic strip shoes. Think about it… Even if you aren’t a huge comic book fan, you could use this process to create whatever kind of shoes you’d like. So go wild, use your imagination and create something that would make all the other girls at the party turn green with envy! I know you are probably wondering if she’ll be making more of these or if she’s planning to sell them. The answer to that question is no. These are a labor of love, and this is one creation that will stay with its original owner forever.



Via: [So Geek Chic]