Kissable Baby Sculptures You Have to See to Believe

Aren’t these adorable bundles of joy precious? Too bad their faces are painted and they are cured in the oven or I might actually kiss one. Hyper-realist sculptures are both fascinating and creepy, aren’t they? If you want to check out some of the most mind-blowing hyper-realist art I’ve seen, see Jamie Salmon’s work here.

One thing I’ve never seen until today is this type of art sculpted into teeny-tiny babies that you could fall in love with. That’s right, these pictures below are not real babies, they are sculptures created by Glenda Ewart, an artist from Irelend. At first I thought these were creepy, but then as I looked more closely, I began to appreciate the detail.

Each one of these dolls is unique and can take up to several weeks to create. According to, she paints several coats of paint on each doll to create a soft newborn skin. She also implants over 20,000 stands of mohair into each the doll’s scalp and even adds a special scent to make them smell just like a real baby. Of course, each doll is unique. You can tell by looking at the pictures below that she is very passionate about her art.

Although, the creepy factor did enter my mind again when I saw a recipe on her website for how to make fake baby formula out of glue and fabric softener. You can check out more of her original babies and even purchase one on her website at