Lady Gaga Tea Bags: Baby You Were Pourn This Way

If the university you want to attend has so many applicants that they decide to require each student to submit a project in order to even be considered for acceptance, would you do it? The art university that aspiring graphic artist Nathalie Hallman wants to attend requires that each student submit an original design based on a person they admire. She accepted the challenge, and the result was this Lady Gaga conceptual tea box complete with ten different flavors of tea in very special tea bags.

Each tea flavor was inspired by a memorable Lady Gaga character. If you click on the images below to enlarge them, you’ll see the tea flavors include Meat Maniac, Mother Ambrosia, Zombie Zest, Criminal Mind, Lobster Lover, Holy Fool, Double Bubble, Joe Caliente and more. The description she came up with for each one is so creative.

You can see some of Nathalie’s sketches below as she was deciding which Gaga characters to turn into tea bags and tea flavors. Lady Gaga herself is a big tea drinker, so I’m sure if she stumbles over Nathalie’s design on the Internet, it will make her smile. I bet if this were ever turned into an actual product, a lot of little monsters out there would love it.

To many people, drinking tea and even choosing a tea bag is an art form, and it’s great to see actual art and tea combined. It’s like a collision of two powerful forms of inspiration. I’m happy to report that not only was Nathalie accepted into that university, but she was also accepted into several others. It seems her Gaga tea bags and tea box were enough to convince almost everyone that she will (or already does) have what it takes to be a very successful graphic artist. I’m looking forward to seeing what she creates next.

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Via: [Jay Mug] [The Dieline]